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Course Watch

Course Watch is a tool for students to get into classes that are already full.

At Baylor, many courses don't have a waitlist, so when a class you want to get into is full, you can't simply get on the waitlist. Instead, you end up logging into the registration website over and over, hoping that there will be a slot open for you. We hated having to do that, so we made a computer do it for us.

All you have to do is text the course number of the course you want to get into to a specific phone number. Then, once your class opens up, you'll get a text that lets you know a seat is available.

The site is live at CourseWatch.tk; feel free to play with it. If it's not course registration season, the behavior will be a little bit different than if registration is open, but hopefully you can get a sense for how it works. Update from the future: we no longer maintain this project. Hopefully the site is still up so you can see a little "demo" screenshot.

Wes Cossick, Evan Green, and I developed Course Watch at HackTX 2014. For the project, we won the TripAdvisor Prize, Best Use of Microsoft Azure, and Best Use of SendGrid.