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ClearCall provides automated scheduling of the on call calendar for college RA's.

Matt Tinsley and I created it. Inspired by how pointlessly inefficient it was for our head RA to create the on call schedule each month, we made a system to gather everyone's availability and automatically create a schedule that is as fair as possible.

My primary responsibility has been to develop the algorithm for creating the schedule, which has been a fun challenge. Considering a residence hall can has to have two RA's on call and there can be thirteen RA's, the number of possible schedules is quite large. I am pleased to have created an algorithm which is able to handle such a large number of possibilities in seconds (and that's on a Core2Duo running at 1.3GHz).

The site is still in testing, so it's not public yet. If you're interested in learning more, please email me at [email protected]