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Building good software is challenging but rewarding. On this show, I share the things I'm learning as a practitioner in this exciting industry.

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Recent episodes

9: A tool to deal with imbalanced data (Questions Answered #0)

Nicolas has a question about dealing with imbalanced data.

References: imbalanced-learn, Class Imbalanced, Redux, SMOTE. (Download)

8: What High School Debate Teaches us About Performance Management

The self evaluation is one of the most important documents employees write. Learn how to make yours effective using tips from a former debater. (Download)

7: Conflict Resolution: A Texan Analogy

At my university, I had to take a full course on how to be an RA. I've forgotten almost everything, except for this one tip on conflict resolution. (Download)

6: Work Queues in Software and Productivity

Work queues are a fascinating idea from software engineering that can also be applied to make our lives more productive. (Download)

5: Cooking and Coding

I like cooking, and I like coding. By comparing the two, we learn more about both of them. (Download)

4: Work-Self Balance

We often talk about work-life balance, but what about the balance between our work and our self? Learn about my struggle with defining myself by my work and how I overcame it. (Download)

3: Poetry for Software Engineers

While often thought to be entirely different, poetry and software are remarkably similar. Learn how thoughtful consumption of poetry can make you a better software engineer. (Download)

2: Use Machine Learning to Find your Next Job

Find out how to use machine learning to solve your problems. Recording of a talk I delivered in Huntsville, AL. (Download)

1: To become a great Python dev, quit reading Python books

One of the best ways to maximize knowledge gain is by reading books that do not apply easily to technologies or concepts we already understand. (Download)