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Experiments with Self-Tracking/Quantified Self

How many times in a row do I typically sneeze?

Ever since I can remember, I've sneezed atypically. While most people sneeze once and are done, I often sneeze 3, 4, or even 8 times in a row. I was curious to see how often I sneeze a certain number of times in a row, so I kept track of every time I sneezed over the course of a week. Here are the results:

Sneeze histogram

All this time, I though it was fairly rare for me to sneeze once. In reality, I sneeze once in a row with decent frequency, and I sneeze twice very infrequently.

How long does it take to get to work?

For a little while, I tracked my commute time with a DO Button that logged the time and my location to a spreadsheet. After a little cleaning, the data looks like this: